Welcome to Smile Inc.!

Roman Atwood and crew have FINALLY decided to get real jobs - the only problem is where they've been hired!

Join Roman and his family as they run, jump, sneak, and roll through an endless corridor of deadly booby traps, devious machinery, and ruthless contraptions. How far can you climb the corporate ladder before the lethal reality of business claims another victim?

SMILE Inc. hit #1 on both the App Store and Google Play with over 2 million downloads in less than 48 hours and over 25,000 5 star reviews. Players have also shared more than 250,000 GIFs of their gruesome, pixelated demises.

SMILE Inc. is available as a FREE download on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is an American YouTube personality. While he initially became popular as a YouTube prankster, he is now best known for his vlogs, where he posts updates about his life on a daily basis.

Both his prank and vlog YouTube channels have amassed over 10 million subscribers a piece and his videos have been viewed over 4 billion times.Roman and his family, girlfriend Brittany Smith, sons Noah and Cane, and brother Dale